About Us

We believe people should not care about privacy. Not because it doesn't matter, but because it shouldn't be an issue!

From data breaches and surveillance of cloud applications, to blockchain smart contracts where everything is public, doing things privately online is becoming increasingly complicated. The only way to solve this is to make everything encrypted end-to-end, regardless of where the application is running. And the only way this can happen is if homomorphic encryption becomes mainstream.

We are a remote-friendly company with headquarters in the centre of Paris.

Diversity and Inclusion
Zama values and promotes diversity. We give everyone a fair chance to be evaluated on their mix of professional, academic, and personal skills. Our aim is to make the hiring process as pleasant, stress-free, and friendly as possible, even if the process is longer and more involved than you might find elsewhere.

Zama's intent is to select new employees and to promote current employees without regard to race, sexual orientation, sex, religion, national origin, age, gender identity, citizenship, marital status, or disability.

Spontaneous Application
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Zama is always looking for great talent. Go ahead and send an application!

Spontaneous Application