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Zama's mission is to safeguard privacy by making the internet encrypted end-to-end.

Zama is building a suite of products for securing AI applications in the cloud and on the blockchain. Developers and data scientists can build FHE-friendly applications using our technology without having to know cryptography.

Zama was founded by Pascal Paillier, a pioneer in FHE, and Rand Hindi, a serial privacy entrepreneur.

If you would like to learn more about Fully Homomorphic Encryption, you can read our 6-min introduction:

Job Description

Zama and Machine Learning

Zama's primary users are data scientists and machine learning specialists. That's why we have created a dedicated team which aims to help these developers to be able to use the equivalent of their classical tools (scikit-learn, torch, ...) but by generating algorithms and models which can run over encrypted data. Our products are designed and made for data scientists who may have no prior knowledge in cryptography ( Machine learning with user privacy: sounds interesting / exciting, doesn't it?

Easy to use and effective tools

With our tools, users can easily develop ML and DL models, which can be used in a context where user privacy is ensured end-to-end, even if executed on an insecure server. The goal of our tools is to be as easy and user friendly as possible, while reducing the accuracy of networks as little as possible. Importantly, we want to not require the user to understand anything about cryptography, or, said in another way, we want to provide tools that allow data scientists and ML engineers to transparently use FHE in their workflows.

Discover a bit more by looking at our documentation or some advanced examples

Working in the team

Work in our team is a clever mix between research and product: on one side, we need to deeply understand and even make the research progress in some of the advanced machine learning topics, in order to be able to both have FHE-friendly products and excellent accuracy; on the other side, we need to have a clean, strong, and updatable product suite, notably due to Zama's open-source policy and willingness to accept external contributions.

Come work with us!

We are looking for several engineers to help us to build and maintain this ML tool. We have constraints such as clarity of code, maintainability, and efficiency. We put a great emphasis in our tests and our different linters to ensure the highest possible quality. As we want to propose tools which look as similar as possible to what data scientists use regularly, most of our code is in python.

Ideally, the engineer would also be interested in the research side of the company, and thus, participate in the research effort, for example, by writing papers, patenting, blog posts, and contributing to conferences and workshops. Experience with ML frameworks would be highly appreciated. Understanding of cryptography is absolutely not required.

Preferred Experience

  • be passionate about privacy and open source
  • experience in coding, ideally in python or in a language as C/C++/Rust
  • experience with CI, github actions, bash scripts
  • optionally: experience in ML
  • optionally: experience in ML frameworks (like torch, keras, scikit-learn, tensorflow)
  • optionally: experience with FHE or cryptography

*Please note this is a job advert for a planned/upcoming position. At this stage, we are gathering expressions of interest and will be in touch with exceptionally promising candidates.

Recruitment Process

Our process is described in detail here:

Zama values and promotes diversity. We give everyone a fair chance to be evaluated on their mix of professional, academic, and personal skills. Our aim is to make the hiring process as pleasant, stress-free, and friendly as possible, even if the process is longer and more involved than you might find elsewhere.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75008)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Possible full remote