FPGA Engineer

Zama is hiring!


Zama's mission is to bring end-to-end encryption to AI. Using their homomorphic development framework, companies can process their customer's data without seeing it, thereby preventing data breaches and surveillance.

Zama's solution is based on a breakthrough in homomorphic encryption, which enables doing data science and machine learning on encrypted data. Zama is open-source by design, as they believe privacy-enabling technologies should benefit the widest possible community of developers and researchers.

Zama's cofounders are Dr Pascal Paillier, one of the most renowned cryptography researcher, and Dr Rand Hindi, a serial entrepreneur who formerly founded Snips.

Job Description

Your team is writing and maintaining a FGPA based cryptographic library. You will contribute in making it fast. This library is indeed intended for growing with new cryptographic algorithms. Your main tasks would be to:

  • write high performance code on FPGA
  • improve existing FPGA code to make it faster
  • learn from cryptographers that are part of your team
  • share knowledge about FPGA programming with the team

Preferred Experience

  • solid background in FPGA programming
  • into open sourcing
  • willing to discover cryptography
  • team player
  • communication skills
  • experience with formal verification

Recruitment Process

Our process is described in detail here: https://zama.ai/2020/04/28/how-we-hire-at-zama/

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75002)
  • Possible full remote